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  • MemoreePlus, Inc.

    MemoreePlus, Inc.

    MemoreePlus+ is developing a unique new product line revolving around souvenir flash...

  • Balloons By Renee

    Balloons By Renee

    Balloons By Renee of Orlando - the story of how a life growing up in the world of...

  • Body Bronze Products

    Body Bronze Products

    The Body Bronze Products company story, "Skin Cancer to Sunless Tanning" only tells a...

  • UsersInnovate


    Hello B.I.G Award Team, UsersInnovate offers "User Innovation Methods" like the Lead User...

  • REBUILD globally

    REBUILD globally

    REBUILD globally co-founders, Julie Colombino and Sandra Fernandez tell the true story of...

  • SIMETRI, Inc.

    SIMETRI, Inc.

    SIMETRI is a small business based in Central Florida focused on developing medical...

  • Chatter Buzz Media

    Chatter Buzz Media

    Chatter Buzz Media is a digital and social media marketing firm in Orlando, FL, founded by...

  • InCharge Debt Solutions

    InCharge Debt Solutions

    From free budget and credit counseling to books and podcasts, InCharge is dedicated to...