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  • InCharge Debt Solutions

    InCharge Debt Solutions

    From free budget and credit counseling to books and podcasts, InCharge is dedicated to...

  • Future Genations

    Future Genations

    Innovative anti truancy and dropout program. Featuring Witty Owl, the first national...

  • The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck

    The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck

    A Visual Narrative of The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck that highlights our beginning, our growth,...

  • UCF Continuing Education

    UCF Continuing Education

    UCF Continuing Education has many diverse personalities. The Personal Touch series was...

  • UsersInnovate


    Hello B.I.G Award Team, UsersInnovate offers "User Innovation Methods" like the Lead User...


    Our video showcases the downfalls of online social networking sites as opposed to...

  • ActivEngage's Chat Story

    ActivEngage's Chat Story

    ActivEngage was started on a whiteboard and with an idea to provide car dealers with more...

  • Bhavanga LLC

    Bhavanga LLC

    Bhavanga is an Orlando-based startup with a unique social-filmmaking app that makes it...