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Orlando, Inc., presents:

Submissions are Closed

Thank you for your interest in The B.I.G.* Award.

Submissions are now closed.

Video submissions and online voting start on Monday August 6, 2012

There are just three steps to put your name in the hat for The B.I.G.* Award.
1. Shoot it.

Tell us your story. Now you have the chance to tell the world about your entrepreneurial journey, your culture or your brand for a chance to win big prizes and big exposure. Like a good story, your video should have elements like plot, setting, characters, emotion and conflict. It's all about the video that creates the best emotional connection with the viewers.

2. Show it.

Just get out your FlipCam or any video device and record your story on a 2-minute video. Show us how you got to where you are today. Tell us the story of your corporate culture or how you care for your employees and customers better than anyone else.

3. Share it.

Upload your video on your YouTube account. Then, connect your YouTube account with The B.I.G.* Award and share your video like mad. Remember, the earlier you share--the more people can vote for your video.

Show the world what makes Central Florida business B.I.G.*